What our clients say about us: Hannah Raven of Raven Kitchen Design

What our clients say about us: Hannah Raven of Raven Kitchen Design
Hannah Raven - Absolute Agency

As with any service-based company, we aim to provide the best possible service to our clients. To ensure we are, we regularly ask them how they’re finding dealing with us and what we could do better. It’s important to us to find out whether the work we produce provides tangible results for the people we work with.

We love interior and lifestyle brands here at Absolute, so when Raven Kitchen Design, the only North East provider of SieMatic kitchens asked us to work with them through a rename and rebrand to establish their position in the market, we couldn’t wait to get started.

Now the project is complete we asked Hannah Raven about her absolute experience:

Do you feel the brand now aligns with your objectives? 
It was a big decision to rebrand from Blagdon Kitchen Design, which was an established brand but wasn’t right for the new direction of our business. Having worked with Absolute since their inception, we felt confident you could help us establish the new brand, Raven Kitchen Design. Now the name is starting to become well known within the industry and the quality of the branding really reflects the quality of our products and services.

Do you feel that you have more confidence when approaching clients with your marketing collateral? 
Yes, I particularly love handing out our business cards. They look so professional and really reflect our business.

Are there any marketing services you would find useful for us to offer? 
Not that I can think of, everything you have offered so far has been excellent. You haven’t had to say no to any of our marketing requests. 

Do you feel we add value over other agencies? If yes, in what way? 

The team has excellent marketing knowledge and your experience of the interiors industry has been invaluable to us. Because you know the sector so well, you’ve made suggestions we hadn’t even thought of and as a result we’re starting to see results.

And as some of the team have worked together for a long time their skills compliment each other and there’s a real sense of a team. 

In what areas do you feel Absolute could improve our service/offering? 
Currently I have no suggestions for improvement as our needs are always met with the highest standards.

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