Slow Shopping initiative picks up a pace

Slow Shopping initiative picks up a pace
Slow Shopping Absolute Agency

Every so often in this job you’re approached by a client who strikes an emotional chord. Katherine Vero’s Slow Shopping initiative was one of those instances.

Shopping is an essential part of everyday life but for those with dementia, anxiety or other mental illness it can be an overwhelming experience. Slow Shopping offers dedicated times within the week where staff are aware of the needs of their shoppers and allows them time and space to shop. 

When Katherine approached Absolute to design her marketing collateral and website I was keen to get involved as my mother-in-law has dementia, and is the very type of person Slow Shopping has set out to help.

I was so proud to be at the launch in Sainsbury’s Gosforth earlier this week. Since the launch, the initiative has picked up quite a pace, Katherine has been approached by several high street stores and some of the major supermarkets who are keen to roll out the initiative across the UK. It has also been featured on the BBC, ITV, in The Huffington Post and Mashable.

If you’d like to find out more about Slow Shopping go to

Sarah McCrady – Design Director 


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