5 reasons to invest in good design

5 reasons to invest in good design
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More businesses than ever are recognising the value of building a strategy around their brands, investing in strong visual identities and understanding how they connect with customers. With companies like Apple and Starbucks leading the way, organisations large or small are realising there are compelling reasons to prioritise design to improve their chances of success and growth.

Here we provide our top 5 reasons to invest in good design;

1. First impressions last
You know what they say, you only get one chance to make a good impression, and that is so true
when it comes to your brand. It is thought people only require around 50 milliseconds of time to
form an opinion of whether your company is right for them or not. Given such a tight window of
opportunity and with so much competition in the marketplace, it is essential that people ‘get’ who
you are straight away, the markets you operate in and the products and services you provide.
Aligning this into the right visual identity can sometimes be tricky but get this right with good design
and the results can be very lucrative.

Think about what kind of first impression you want your customers to have.

2. Stand out
With so much noise and competition in the marketplace, good design is another way to help you
stand out from the crowd. Out of the veritable flood of brands people are exposed to every day,
there are very few organisations that individuals find appealing enough to form a connection with. It
is important to consider that often when consumers are faced with companies offering similar
services, features or benefits they will opt for the one they either recognise or the one that has more
attractive design. Consider your brand’s USP and communicate that within your visual identity.

3. Connect with your customers
Design is a powerful way of connecting with customers, conveying key brand messages, values and
building loyalty. Colour, layout and smart font choices can help you make an emotional connection
with your audience in an impactful and memorable way. Your brand should support the values that
your business is built on.

4. To boost your business
It goes without saying that good design can help boost business prospects. They key is being able to
invest in design that connects and holds your customer’s attention for long enough, giving them
enough dwell time to connect and learn more about your products and services.

5. To evolve and grow
We always recommend that as a business evolves, you review your brand and creative strategy
to ensure it is still effective and connecting with your customers. Thinking of scaling up?
Ensuring your brand aligns with your ambitions should be a vital part of your business plan.
Investing in good design could be the difference between success and failure

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